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– Focus on Your School –

– Focus on Your School –

We know there are people nervous about sending their child(ren) to school in the fall – if we are allowed to have students in school this fall. So, if you, or someone you know, is considering virtual schools for this fall, please encourage them to check out our virtual eSucceed Charter School.

While the school is currently for sixth through12th grade, we are attempting to get DPI approval to open it up to pre-K through fifth for this fall.

While I would rather have everyone attend our schools in person, we know this pandemic may cause people to pursue other alternatives; so we want to have those alternatives available, rather than having our students work with other districts across the state.

eSucceed is an online virtual charter school that helps students develop a solid foundation of knowledge and real-life problem-based thinking skills, through their Environments of Success™ curriculum. eSucceed is one of only a handful of project-based virtual schools, which we believe many students and parents will find appealing.

eSucceed supplies students with a computer and internet if needed, so technology is not a barrier to families considering this option. Students are still able to participate in Cornell extracurricular activities and receive a Cornell diploma upon graduation.

If you would like to learn more, please go to, or contact our director, Dr. Michele Andorfer, at mandorfer@, or by phone at 715-861-6999. Andorfer has her office in the Cornell Middle/High School building, so she is available to work cooperatively with us to provide our students the most flexible, yet educational, experience, we can.