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It’s time to break down those exercise barriers

It’s time to break down those exercise barriers It’s time to break down those exercise barriers

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for exercise can seem daunting, as highlighted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) findings, that only 24 percent of adults meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

However, incorporating physical activity into daily lives is not only possible, but also essential for overall well-being.

“Fitness affects all aspects of life,” said fitness adviser Sydney Renik. “People who work out are often more social and mentally healthier, because they feel better about themselves.”

However, Renik acknowledges the challenges individuals face and offers practical advice to overcome them.

Included in that, is duration of physical activity, so Renik encourages rethinking the traditional approach of long workout sessions. She highlights that even a few minutes of activity scattered throughout the day, can make a significant difference.

“For people of all abilities, we can fit things in throughout the day,” said Renik. “Even if it’s just a couple of minutes here and there, that’s still really good.”

Instead of focusing on limitations, find movements that can be done. For instance, for those confined to a seated position, exercises can be accomplished that promote strength and flexibility, and can be performed from a chair.

One of the key obstacles to maintaining a fitness routine is accountability. Try finding a workout partner, or working with a trainer to stay motivated and on track.

“Knowing that someone else’s time is at stake, too, not just your own, makes a big difference in showing up,” said Renik, adding that veryone has varying fitness levels and starts from a different place.

“Wherever you’re starting is okay,” she said. “Getting where you need to go may take longer or go quicker than somebody else, but everybody’s fitness journey is different. You just have to get started and you’ll be well on your way.”