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View from the cheap seats

View from the cheap seats View from the cheap seats

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Casey Krautkramer Reporter The Record-Review

I discovered on Thursday that I tested positive for COVID-19, therefore I’ve been in isolation for 10 days at home so I don’t get anyone else sick.

All I’ve been doing while at home is taking medicine and sleeping to ward off my sickness. I’m starting to get more energy now, which is good because then I can clean the house and organize the garage. I am not cleaning the house, however, to prepare for having my family over for a Thanksgiving meal. I am taking precautions to avoid my family members getting sick with COVID-19, just in case I am still contagious.

I also haven’t been gun deer hunting, as a precaution so I can avoid getting my father and uncles sick with COVID-19. I would hate for them to obtain the virus like I did, and I’d feel terrible if they became much sicker than me and ended up fighting for their lives on a ventilator in the hospital. It was nice to find out late Sunday night from my father that harvested a nice seven-point buck while hunting in my stand on the edge of the woods before dark.

My father always places doe scent on a tree branch near the hunting stand, and the bucks must have still been in the rut on Sunday afternoon. He heard some noise and noticed a small buck smelling the doe scent on the tree branch, and then here came the seven-point buck charging directly toward his tree stand. He shot the larger buck and it eventually fell down in the field.

Luckily for my father, he was hunting on the edge of the woods instead of deep inside the woods, and this nice seven-point buck was in the field near the hunting stand. My father didn’t need to drag the buck through the woods after field dressing it, because it was already in the open field.

He simply needed to back up his truck to the buck lying in the field. My first cousin, Michael Butalla of Marathon, helped my father lift the seven-point buck onto the back of his truck so he could haul it to the farm. Michael had just shot and killed a doe while hunting in the small woods on the property he owns with my father and uncle. This is the farm land my late uncle, Lloyd Krautkramer, of Marathon once owned.

Once my father arrived at the farm, he used a water hose in the former milk house inside the barn to wash the blood out of the deer cavity. He then hung up the buck to skin the hide and debone it. I am missing out on the thrill of the gun deer hunt this year. The tastiest venison to eat are the back straps on the deer. I’ll have plenty more gun hunting experiences in my lifetime. My biggest thing right now in my life is to recover from COVID- 19 so I can hunt in future years.