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Trials slated

Court proceedings

The following appeared in court and entered pleas of not guilty: Cole D. Noeldner, 38, Medford, disorderly conduct, four counts of felony bail jumping, possession with intent-amphetamine greater than 10 to 50 grams, possession of THC-second or greater offense, manufacture/ delivery of amphetamine greater than 50 grams (conspiracy to commit), two counts of manufacture/ delivery of amphetamine less than or equal to three grams and maintaining a drug trafficking place; Gerardo Junior Torres, 23, Medford, repeated sexual assault of same child (at least three violations of first or second degree sexual assault) (lifetime supervision of serious sex offenders), child sexual exploitation-employ, use, induce (lifetime supervision of serious sex offenders), exposing genitals/pubic area/intimate parts to a child, possession of child pornography, ten counts of possession of child pornography (lifetime supervision of serious sex offenders) and intimidating a victim-threatening force.

Rene R. Arroyo Rodriquez, 35, Athens, pled no contest to an amended charge of Speeding 11-15 mph and forfeited $175.30. The original charge had been unreasonable and imprudent speed.

Bruce L. Drangel, 81, Gilman, pled no contest to an amended charge of animal running at large and forfeited $169. The original charge had been unlawful to cause harm or injury.

Jorge Palma Rosero, 66, Abbotsford, pled no contest to operating while under the influence-first offense. Palma Rosero forfeited $891; his driver’s license was revoked for seven months; and he must complete an alcohol and drug assessment and follow through with a driver safety plan.

Separate charges of drinking intoxicants/inhaling nitrous oxide in motor vehicle while on the highway by the driver and operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration (PAC) greater than or equal to 0.08 percent but less than 0.15 percent-first offense were dismissed on prosecutor’s motions.

Bobby E. Rau, 49, Dorchester, pled no contest to failure to drain water from boat, trailer or equipment before transporting away from water (as a party to a crime) and forfeited $243.

Rau also pled no contest to possession of drug paraphernalia and forfeited $263.50. A separate charge of possession of marijuana against Rau was dismissed on a prosecutor’s motion.

Isaac L. Thums, 30, Rib Lake, pled no contest to possession of any fish in excess of total daily bag limit (as a party to a crime). Thums forfeited $807 and his DNR privileges were revoked/suspended for one year.

Thums also pled no contest to possession of an illegal size fish (as a party to a crime) and forfeited $222.90.

Jennifer L. Walters, 33, Medford, pled no contest to a reduced charge of speeding 16-19 mph over the limit and forfeited $200.50.

Brittany A. Leipart, 25, Medford, pled no contest to theft of movable property-less than or equal to $2,500. Sentence was withheld and Leipart was placed on probation for one year on the condition she pay a forfeiture

Taylor County Circuit Court

of $443 and supervision fees as ordered by the Department of Corrections; submit to a DNA sample; have no contact with the business and its owner except for incidental contact and at the discretion of probation; write a letter of apology, pre-approved by probation, to the victim within 30 days; and undergo counseling as deemed appropriate by probation. Leipart may petition the court for expungement of the charge upon completion of her probation. Leipart also pled no contest to a second count of theft of movable property-less than or equal to $2,500 and entered into a deferred prosecution agreement for a period of one year. As terms of the agreement, Leipart must not commit any criminal offenses during the period of the agreement; notify the Taylor County district attorney and clerk of court offices of any address change within 10 days; comply with all of the terms of bond, which continues to remain in effect during the period of the agreement; perform 10 hours of community service for any non-profit community service organization in Taylor County or the county where the defendant resides and report the completion of the hours in writing to the district attorney within the first six months of the agreement; and pay restitution in the amount of $1,976.22 to the business, which has been done. Upon successful completion of the agreement, the state will move to dismiss the charge.

The following were issued divorce decrees: Brandon L. Drake, 31, Medford, and Kelsie A. Drake, 32, Medford; and Matthew P. Hamilton, 46, Rib Lake, and Kristeen D. Hamilton, 49, Spooner.