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Extensions, waivers available from state agency

Gov. Tony Evers recently signed legislation allowing the Department of Revenue to waive, on a case-by-case basis, penalties or interest that accrues during the period covered by the public health emergency declared on March 12, if it is determined that failure to pay is due to impacts brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I know the governor felt it was important to give financial relief to Wisconsin businesses who are hurting at this time. We at the Department of Revenue are pleased to make available what, essentially, amounts to a no interest loan for eligible businesses,” said secretary Peter Bara.

Additionally, extensions may be granted to any person whose ability to file and pay is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and is requesting relief for the following taxes and periods.

Returns and payments for the following taxes that are due from March 12 through May 11 may be extended to May 11:

★ Employer withholding tax

★ State and county sales and use taxes

★ Excise taxes (alcohol, cigarette, tobacco and vapor products, motor fuel) Returns and payments for the following taxes that are due from March 12 through June 10 may be extended to June 10:

★ Local exposition district sales taxes (lodging, rental car, and food and beverage)

★ Premier resort areasales taxes

★ Limousine fee

★ Rental vehicle fees

★ Dry cleaning license and products fee

★ Police and fire protection fee Interest begins to accrue after the May 11 or June 10 extension date, depending on the tax type indicated above. Anyone previously granted an extension to file a return, must request an extension to file and pay, and to have interest and penalties waived at https://TAP.revenue.