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MACT to put on ‘Cemetery Club’ Feb 10-12

The Medford Area Community Theatre (M.A.C.T.) is very pleased to announce their up coming Winter production of Ivan Menchell’s comedy of family The Cemetery Club which is scheduled for performance February 10, 11 and 12.

Sometimes referred to as “Steel Magnolias” meets “The Golden Girls,” the story follows Ida (Caitlyn Huls), Lucille (Stacy Leonard), and Doris (Sandy Bradley) who are all members of the same club---the Cemetery Club. These three women share a bond. They are widows, not to mention long time friends, who meet once a month for tea, and then visit their husband’s graves. There’s sweet Ida, happy in her memories of Murray and in no hurry to “move on”; former party girl Lucille, who’s finally getting pay back against her unfaithful Harry; and Doris, whose devotion to Abe, even in death, seems borderline unhealthy.

Things are going well until the arrival of Sam (Barry Plautz), a shy butcher whose deceased wife is buried in the same cemetery as their husbands. Sam is immediately pounced on by a purring Lucille, but it’s Ida that Sam has doe-eyes for. The budding romance threatens to destroy the women’s friendship, firstly because Lucille wants Sam for herself (although she gives up pretty easily), later because Lucille and Doris make a horribly misguided attempt to save Ida from potential heartbreak. Throw in, for good measure, Mildred (Karen Dallas), who is Sam’s attempt to aid Lucille and Doris in their quest to “help” save the feelings of Ida, and a wedding and a wedding reception and things quickly conclude.

Although seemingly about death, it is in fact a story about relishing life, and the loves and the friendships along the way. It is a warm and witty play with exactly the right degree of verve, wit, and pathos.

The production of this Ivan Menchell comedy The Cemetery Club is scheduled for performance February 10, 11 and 12 in the Red/White Theater beginning at 7:30 each evening, with advanced tickets going on sale February 1 at The Black River Art Gallery in downtown Medford during their regular business hours.