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Beef, It’s What’s For Every Meal


From the Wisconsin Beef Council

As the scent of barbecue and family dinner fills the air, Wisconsin proudly welcomes May Beef Month, a time to honor the dedication, collaboration and unmatched flavor that defines the beef industry.

In Wisconsin, cattle are raised by a community that spans from pasture to plate. This economic powerhouse is the cornerstone of our agricultural heritage, made up of many key players.

Local Farmers – At the heart of Wisconsin’s beef industry, are 22,777 beef and dairy farms, where generations have worked the land and raised cattle, with care and dedication. These farmers take pride in their craft, nurturing their herds to produce the highest caliber beef for consumers. Families can trust the people behind the product. In fact, 85 percent of beef comes from Beef Quality Assurance certified farmers and ranchers, who use science-based practices to assure cattle well-being, beef quality and safety.

Meat Processors – From small-scale butcher shops to state-of-the-art processing facilities, Wisconsin boasts a network of more than 500 processing partners, who play a crucial role in bringing beef from farm to table. They directly employ more than 43,000 people in their communities. These processors uphold strict safety protocols, ensuring every cut of beef meets the highest industry standards.

Beef Retailers – Wisconsin’s retailers are essential conduits between farmers and families, offering a diverse array of beef products to satisfy every palate. Whether it’s the neighborhood butcher, a supermarket grocer or a bustling farmers’ market, retailers play a vital role in bringing this premium protein to plates.

Restaurants – Restaurants create meaningful moments and drive culinary innovation. They work closely with beef suppliers, farmers and distributors, to keep delicious beef options on their menus for any date, celebration or family night out.

Customers – Ultimately, the success of Wisconsin’s beef industry depends on the support and satisfaction of its customers. By choosing beef, consumers not only enjoy unrivaled taste, but also contribute to the sustainability and vitality of their communities.

This May Beef Month, let’s come together to celebrate the rich heritage and unparalleled taste of beef. Wisconsinites can explore the diverse range of products available, and share beef-inspired creations on social media, using #MayBeefMonth. A list of Wisconsin farms selling beef directly can be found on the Wisconsin Local Beef Directory or visit, for more beef recipes, nutrition information and farmer stories.

Let’s collaborate to savor the flavor and spirit of beef, because working together, truly brings more to the table.

The Wisconsin Beef Council is a producerdirected non-profit organization, with the purpose of the council to fund beef promotion, research and consumer education activities, supporting Wisconsin’s $2.1 billion beef industry.