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Vox Pop - Politicians should do the right thing for the right reason

Vox Pop

Because our inept ex-governor Walker bowed out of federal Medicaid expansion, Wisconsin taxpayers are losing out on benefits (over 2 billion) that the rest of the country is enjoying. So the elderly, are now having to pay out of pocket for medical expenses, on a limited income.

The commercials on TV asking for your zip code for to see if you qualify for extra benefits, don’t bother. Thanks to Walker, a Republican we don’t qualify.

You are missing out on benefits, that not only did you pay into, as a tax payer, but Walker had no right excluding us. We as taxpayers should of had the right to vote on it, instead we let a out of touch politician forgo benefits for his “conservative values”. He didn’t care how everyday people struggle to eeak out a living on a limited income. Every penny counts, something that rich politicians will never understand.

Now we are left, with medical clinics closing, all around us because of Walker’s self serving political decisions.

I still remember Rebecca Kleefisch, former LT Governor, talking about when she had breast cancer. “Here in Wisconsin we have the best medical care, I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about. Of course she got the best care on tax payers dime. She and her husband lived on Whitefish Bay, a exclusive suburb In Wisconsin. She could afford the best medical care, but we paid for it. We should be so lucky to get the same free medical care that she got as LT Governor. That goes for Jimmy Boy Edming too. Why should he care. Free and best medical care on our dime.

We should be asking more of our politicians. Integrity comes to mind. They should do the right thing at the right time for the right reason. Conduct business at the highest ethical standards. Accept responsibility for actions and follow through on commitments.

Our politicians should be working for us and NOT the special interest that provide free vacations, free golf outings, free meals etc.

The following list is intended to be a guide to ethical behavior and we should vote accordingly. If they violate the following list they should be accountable and be ineligible for re-election: Violations of the law-ineligible for re-election Dishonest or unethical behavior-ineligible for re-election Conflict of interest-ineligible for re-election Fraud-ineligible for re-election Questionable accounting-ineligible for re-election Criminal misconduct-ineligible for re-election We have to start somewhere because they are running amok and not working for us anymore. Each year they become more self-serving hypocrites that care so little for their constituents.

— Kathalin Tuisl, Sheldon