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Medford Cooperative invests in a new agronomist

Medford Cooperative invests in a new agronomist
Zach Seiffert Agronomist
Medford Cooperative invests in a new agronomist
Zach Seiffert Agronomist

Adding key services like nutrition and agronomy is important to Medford Cooperative’s ag customers as it allows them to support their farms with overall plans and processes. Medford Cooperative can now help optimize herd management through nutrition and improving soil management to aid in better outcomes with their growing season.

Medford Cooperative is pleased to announce the hiring of an integral position to their Ag Services team. Zach Seiffert recently joined the organization as the new Agronomist. This is a new service offered to their members.

Seiffert received his education and certifications from the University of North Dakota and Purdue University. He worked as an Agronomist with Ag Partners Coop before joining the Medford Cooperative.

Seiffert is looking forward to helping ag customers:

• Make fertilizer, herbicide and insecticide recommendations.

• Soil and tissue sampling and interpretation of those results.

• Variable rate fertilizer mapping and application.

• Work alongside producers to achieve better outcomes from their growing season.

• Assist in implementing new technology to make farm operations more efficient.

Community members can contact Seiffert at 715-3142669 for more information on Agronomy.

Medford Cooperative has over 110 years of expertise in serving agricultural producers. The Ag Services division continues to experience growth due to the trust and confidence that customers place in the services provided.

“We are excited to be able to expand ag services to our customers. I am confident that Zach’s knowledge and experience in agronomy will be instrumental to the farmers that he works with,” commented Chris Piotrowski, Medford Cooperative’s CEO.

The Cooperative looks forward to contributions Seiffert will make towards both their Agricultural division and the communities it serves.