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Cadott Village

Board Minutes

April 20, 2020 The Finance Committee did not meet prior to the regular board meeting, because of the coronavirus. They reviewed the printed version of the bills that they received in their packet of board information.

The regular meeting of the Cadott Village Board was called to order by president Anson Albarado. Trustees present were: Russ Falkenberg, Merlin Huhn, Randy Kuehni, Terry Licht and Les Liptak. Absent: Bart Chapek. Public present: Eric Weiland (newly elected trustee to the board) and Julia Wolf (reporter). The next regular board meeting will be May 4, 2020, at 6:30 p.m., and could be by teleconference.

A motion was made by Licht and seconded by Kuehni, to approve the minutes of the April 6, 2020, board meeting. Motion by roll call. MC.

A motion was made by Liptak and seconded by Huhn, to approve the bills dated April 20, 2020, and reviewed by the Finance Committee. Motion by roll call. MC.

A motion was made by Kuehni and seconded by Liptak, to approve any additional monthly bills. Motion by roll call. MC.

In regard to the COVID- 19 pandemic, the clerk reported that they are doing the same thing. Sandy is working from home, but stops at the office periodically to collect items needed, and to do the mail and banking. Janice is working out of the office. Louie reported that they were able to get more KN95 masks from the Chiefs of Police Association. He split them between Cadott and Boyd. He reported that people are getting agitated (not with the police dept. though). Huhn asked about more replacement masks down the road and Louie stated they do have surgical masks as well. Albarado reported on behalf of Rolly and stated that if this continues, we might have to furlough people. Rolly joined in the teleconference and reported that he is doing the same thing, with two people on a week, and three people off, and then it rotates. This is the second week. He will monitor the situation and check with how the cases are going. He should have a clearer answer by Thursday or Friday.

Tichy reported on the numbers for a portable toilet at the yard waste site. If the village purchases one, it will be approximately $450 and then we will determine when it should be pumped out. It will cost $160 per month to rent one out and then the rental place would pump it every two weeks, for a $35 charge. Kuehni asked if just the worker there would use it. Albarado stated he figured just the worker. A motion was made by Kuehni and seconded by Licht, to approve buying it at $450 and pump as needed, and only the worker would use it, at the site, at this time. Motion by roll call. MC.

A motion was made by Liptak and seconded by Kuehni, to accept the Personnel Committee’s recommendation to accept officer Chris Tibbits, resignation, because of personal matters, after the closed session that was held April 6, 2020. Motion by roll call. MC.

Kuehni reported on the Plan and Development Committee meeting held by teleconference with Patrick Beilfuss from Cedar Corp. They discussed a potential buyer for the village’s land up in the industrial park. There is another meeting scheduled for tomorrow, April 21, 2020, at 10 a.m.

Under correspondence, president Albarado stated that he wanted to thank Rolly, Louie, Hunter and Sandy for stepping up and helping at the election with this COVID-19 pandemic. They did what needed to be done and on behalf of the board, would like to extend their thanks and offer a hazard stipend in the mount of $75 each. The pay would come out of the election account. Albarado stated he would like a yes or no count. All members agreed.

Albarado stated that he would like to thank Les Liptak for his many years on the board. Les was guessing that he came on around 1997. Buetow apologized to Liptak. She was going to look that up for him. Albarado wanted to extend a thank you for all his years of service, from the board and also personally from himself. Liptak stated that he really enjoyed being on the board and had he won re-election, it would have been his last term. He felt it gave a positive aspect to his life, and he wants to give everyone who works for the village his support and appreciation.

Albarado stated that he called Janice and wondered how we were doing on collecting bills. In the 31-60 days past due from last year ($11,630), to this year ($16,069). In the 61-90 days past due from last year ($4,916), to this year ($10,853). Finally, the over 91 days past due from last year ($43,713), to this year ($48,747). He also reported that the postponed taxes that need to be collected in July, totals $350,000.

Albarado stated that he will have the new committee appointments at the next board meeting.

Clerk Buetow reported that Citizens Connect will not charge us for another month to use the teleconference system. We have been using it for one month already without any charge. She will put the ordinance changes, recommended by the code company, on the next agenda. The spring clean-up slated for May 11, 2020, by Advanced Disposal, will be canceled. A question was raised about Chippewa Valley changing their rate. Buetow said it was the monthly service agreement that went from $800 per month to $824 per month.

Falkenberg wanted to clarify the monthly charge for CVEC. It is the same except for they have accounted for all of the meters.

Falkenberg also reported that he tried a test video conference with the clerk, but it will not work because some board members do not have internet or cameras.

Eric Weiland wanted to thank Les Liptak for all the years he was on the board.

A motion was made by Licht and seconded by Falkenberg, to adjourn the meeting. Motion by roll call. MC. Sandra Buetow, clerk 88332 • wnaxlp