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Everyone deserves an honest education

Vox Pop

Who doesn’t know that if you tell a human they can’t do something, be it bad or good, what happens? They do it.

Who doesn’t know many people in this world believe it is more profitable to be a crook, than an honest person?

Who doesn’t know, some people are troublemakers, that have narcissistic, sociopathic thought patterns, and think they alone are entitled to universal deferences, and any disagreement with them is a personal insult? Yes there are people that seem hell-bent on controlling and punishing every living thing around them, maybe you know some.

Unfortunately they don’t understand equality is justice and education is required. They don’t understand that those who are governed by reason, desire nothing for themselves which they do not also desire for the rest of mankind, is true. It doesn’t matter what a person’s education, wealth, religion or political position may be, we are all prone to unreal, ignorant conspiracy theories. If you don’t believe so, think about Ben Franklin’s words when he states, “ So convenient a thing is to be a rational creature, since it enables us to find or make a reason for everything one has a mind to.”

It used to be simple if you did not know what you are talking about you would be politely told to shut up, until you understood the subject and the minds that use reason and truth continue to move forward, agreeing to logically enforce the rules which the people have agreed on. Those were better days. (By the way, what rational creature is Ben Franklin talking about?) When it comes to education everyone deserves one, just make the education secular, rationalistic and completely avoid the subject of politics. Humanity has enough superstitious, ignorance and unproven conspiracy theories already. Also, can anyone disagree with combat veteran Lee Marvin when he said, “Most people only wise up when they are down on the floor with blood everywhere.”

I think he nailed us.

— M. Clendenning, Rib Lake