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Says there is more to the story on Sen. Ron Johnson

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Here is a ‘rest of the story’ response to last week’s

Star News editorial cartoon. Our Senator Ron Johnson is respected by many for his willingness to stand up and be a voice for those who have the strong belief (bolstered by numerous eye-witness testimonies and signed affidavits) that in major cities in swing states the November 3 presidential election was fraught with illegal activities, set in motion by unconstitutional actions of changing the voting laws in those same states. To imply that the Senator was doing anything outside his jurisdiction to pursue needed investigations is to mislead the public about the proper protocol of how elections are to be conducted, and then, if needed, constitutionally challenged. To be sharing false information that he was doing anything wrong, or, ‘un-American’, is deceiving. In fact, the Senator was upholding his responsibilities and sworn oath to office, and to attack anyone who legitimately challenges election results is in itself an attack on what our Founding Fathers put in place as part of the check and balances to make sure that what we do as a society is done according to our laws.

Wherein lies a major problem in this entire scenario, which we have seen being played out since 2016 and the presidential election of Donald Trump: that being the lack of integrity by powerful media outlets and government institutions when it comes to seeking and giving out ‘truth,’ thus leading to a loss of trust in our country’s leaders and those same institutions.

The disappointment and frustration on the part of tens of millions of American citizens is that because President Trump was not a career politician, people saw an opportunity for our country to ‘right the ship’ that was tilting farther away from our ‘roots’ that made us so great! Over the past four years, the world has observed a person who possesses a DNA that is ‘results-oriented.’ He made campaign promises that were kept, and pro-American policies that set economic records. In fact, the Trump agenda accomplished so many positive things in working to ‘Make America Great Again,’ that the unprecedented occurred on election night when he received 74 million ‘legal’ votes, besting his 2016 totals by over 12 million votes. Obviously, to so many Americans, President Trump and his administration were doing something right.

Along with all these accomplishments, another big one was that of, if not ‘draining the swamp,’ at least, exposing it. For years people have felt that things were bad in Washington, but, being able to observe the way our President has been treated during his term in offi ce has really blown the lid off the extreme bias, hypocrisy, and corruption against him. It truly revealed how many are compromised in both the media and the highest levels of government.

Like everyone, I have friends and relatives that do not always see ‘eye-to-eye’ with me in every aspect of life. But even if you are a person who doesn’t see things the way expressed here, I can honestly say: I do not consider you ‘MY ENEMY.’ In fact, it’s my hope we all desire to be positive, ‘glass-half-full’ people, while striving to be united with our fellow Americans in our purpose and goals. That being said, it must also be stated that no matter what the future holds for our country, we must remember that it is ultimately a battle between worldviews, and the reality of the spiritual warfare that the Bible talks about in Ephesians 6:10-12.

May we forge ahead using our God-given gifts and opportunities to make positive and productive differences in the lives of those around us! And let us seek truth as we practice the Golden Rule.

— Larry Lecheler, Abbotsford