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Local family says Clark County has a gem in its care center

Family of Jeanette Suda



If you have driven past the Clark County Rehabilitation and Living Center the past few years, you probably noticed the updates that have been made to the facility. Things like the large building addition, demolition of old buildings, and asphalt paving have spruced up the building exterior and made the facility more inviting.

While these updates are great, we can assure you that what’s going on inside is amazing.

About one year ago we reached the point where we could no longer take care of our mother on our own. She could have chosen any of the newer facilities in the nearby area, but her choice was to stay at the CCRLC. She was given a room in the new South building addition. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, you need to. It’s beautiful, clean, and comfortable -- on par with any new facility in the area.

More importantly, community activities like bingo, dice and music were available and were the highlights of our mother’s week. We were able to visit as we wished and take her on day trips so she could spend the holidays at home. We appreciated this flexibility, which allowed us to make the most of our last few months with her. She was very comfortable at the facility and so much of that was due to the relationships she had with the staff. They put in the effort to really get to know her and it was obvious how deeply they care for their residents. The last two weeks of our mother’s life were very difficult, but the kindness and compassion shown by everyone in the facility helped ease this pain.

Although we understand that COVID has temporarily taken away many of these experiences, we have even more appreciation for all healthcare professionals and the situations they are faced with. They didn’t have the option of working from home, and their jobs have only become more difficult.

While this pandemic and political tensions have tried to drive a wedge between us, we should instead focus on the great things and people we have in our local communities. One of these is the CCRLC and its employees. It’s a place that we as Clark County residents can all be proud of.