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Writer says to split referendum into three questions

Vox Pop

The current discussion among the members of the Medford School Board on the recent high school maintenance and improvement referendum reminds me of the plot in a Hollywood movie horror film. The evil character in the film appears to be killed off only to reappear once again to terrorize the other characters in the film.

Is the School Board and Administration more concerned with preserving the current high school structure or vote buying through offering ever increasing sports options to students’ parents?

The School Board has once again held much more needed and deserving upgrades to the current high school hostage to less important items such as the theater expansion and the (cough, cough) gymnasium project. Particularly galling is unelected Board member Barbara Knight’s statement, “I don’t want to go any less”. Marie Antoinette notably said, “Let them eat cake”.

If the Medford School Board and Administration is serious about maintaining quality education in the Medford School District here is what they should do. The next referendum should split the spending question into three parts. The first part is the upgrades to the high school itself. The second part is the theater project. The final part would be the (cough, cough) gymnasium project. Easy, peasy, right?

Albert Einstein famously said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This would also apply to the current Medford School District referendum.

— Bryan Bormann, Medford