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Nation needs a leader we admire

Debby Kuhlmann



I am from the Colby area. I have watched the recent letters to the editor and offer these thoughts for consideration.

I think it is safe to say that every American wants only the best for this country, to regain our role as a world leader and be the nation that everyone admires and looks to for guidance. We cannot be the nation we want to be by isolating ourselves from the rest of the world.

The issues of climate and environment, or world health and hunger are too big to ignore or tackle on our own. We are a country with a diverse population and we are strongest when we are united. There is no good reason why our schools are not among the best in the world or why we have so many Americans with no access to health care. It is unconscionable that the number of hungry kids, and those without a home, is growing in this country as more and more families fall into poverty.

Joe Biden will bring this country back together. He knows the value of working with other nations. Biden understands that great diversity can mean unparalleled strength and division results in weakness.

The Biden/Harris ticket stands for assuring our youth the finest education, for helping families stay in their homes, for everyone having access to affordable health care and for our seniors to be able to continue to rely on Social Security and Medicare. These are people that understand the power of science and the value of a clean environment.

Biden has said many times that a healthy economy depends on a healthy nation and today in America proves the point. A strong military in a democracy like ours means more than new equipment. It requires a civilian Commander in Chief that respects his soldiers and seeks their advice. This country has seen more than its share of deceit, division and despair. The Biden/Harris ticket offers new ideas, new energy, change, honesty and a reason to hope.