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Writer: The differences are stark

Pam Harnisch



Election Day is less than three weeks away. If people have not already voted, they should contact their local clerk and vote as soon as possible. The candidates provide clear differences. Here are a few.

President Trump rightfully limited travel from China to the U.S. in January, but then allowed 40,000 people to enter anyway. Any good intentions he might have had after that have been obscured by his actions. He knew early on, by his own admission, the coronavirus can be lethal, it is air-borne, and all ages, including children can contract it, but he lied saying it was not dangerous, children are not affected, that COVID-19 is a hoax. He failed to organize a national, coordinated response and said he was not responsible. The result was the collapse of the economy rivaling that of the Great Depression and 210,000 Americans are dead.

Mr. Trump has failed us in so many other ways. He has alienated all of our allies. The world no longer looks to America for leadership under his presidency. His immigration policies border on being barbaric. He is attempting to destroy the Affordable Care Act, leaving 20 million Americans with no insurance and 100 million with pre-existing conditions with either no insurance or very expensive insurance. His plan to end contributions to Social Security will kill the program. As the Commander in Chief, he referred to fallen soldiers as “losers” and “suckers” and wondered “what was in it for them.” President Trump considers parts of the Constitution to be phony and appears to have violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution repeatedly.

Joe Biden provides a sharp contrast to Trump. He supports the Affordable Care Act, Social Security, respects our veterans and believes in science. He understands

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the value of education, friendly alliances with other countries, the need for a national response to COVID-19 and an economic plan to help families stay in their homes and get back on their feet. He values information from U.S. intelligence agencies over that provided by Vladimir Putin. Biden has a reputation for strategic planning, honesty, integrity and empathy for people in hard times. The differences between the two men could not be more stark.