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Disappointed with federal response to COVID-19

Vox Pop

Having grown up in Medford in the 1950s and 60s, I had a lot of great experiences. I learned a lot in this small town in Sunday School and Boy Scouts and later in high school sports. My parents were strong Republicans and also deeply believed in public service. All my life these values have been part of me.

Most of my life I’ve been a small business person. Some things that helped us be successful were knowing that a deal isn’t a good one unless both sides gain from it, that people know that you say want you can do, and you do what you say, and the best way to have quality employees is to treat them the way you would want to be treated.

Along the way I’ve had other experiences. One that come to mind this election season, is when I voted for Nixon in 1968 (from my artillery base in Viet Nam). I was proud of that and he accomplished some meaningful things. A few years later I broke with him when he fired his Attorney General and Assistant A.G. because they refused to fire the Special Council investigating Watergate. I think the biggest difference between then and now is people can pick what ever version of the news they choose. The 24 hour news networks that thrives on outrage with little concern for “real” fairness, do us all a disservice. People in Taylor County have a source where there is quality reporting and fair hard hitting editorials.

President Trump has in so many ways failed to live up to the principles that have guided most of his predecessors. His worst failing has been to completely fail to handle this pandemic. For heaven sakes, if this didn’t require a clear consistent national response, what would? Who else could bring all our great medical facilities to bare? He did what no other American President did in the face of a National Emergency. He lied to us about what we faced.

I still hold the values learned so many years ago and knowing what I do I have no doubt we will be better served with a new and honorable President. This one has left us much more divided and with the worst COVID response of any Western Country! Even if waring a mask isn’t our favorite thing, it protects us all. To put it another way, “it’s the patriotic thing to do”.

— Dave Way, Stevens Point