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We can do this

We can do this We can do this

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During unprecedented times, we can each make a difference for our collective future.

Our new school year has begun, and we continue to ensure our staff and students experience learning in a welcoming and safe environment. We also continue to maintain a focus on addressing district-wide facility needs that were identified during the strategic planning process.

Three years have passed since the strategic plan was approved – a plan developed with significant community input. Goal No. 7 of the strategic plan was to examine our facilities beginning with the high school. Since that time, we partnered with engineering and architectural consultants to complete a facility assessment, shared the results with school district residents, gathered information from district residents through a household survey; and formulated a facility plan that balances what we heard from the listening sessions and survey, with the high school’s curriculum and facility needs.

All this effort and input has led to where we are today – to a referendum question, which will appear on your November 3 election ballot. If the referendum passes, we can do updates to major building systems and complete renovation and additions that will address space needs to support our entire high school curriculum with the appropriate teaching and learning spaces. The result will be spaces that increase hands-on teaching and learning opportunities, and the ability to learn using different media formats and collaboration.

The renovation and additions will create a place where students can practice applying what they’re learning, which means learning to solve problems, think on their feet, collaborate and take initiative. These are the skills that employers are looking for.

This is a challenging time for our community no doubt. And although you may be concerned about the present, we must always look to the future and how together, we can make it better. The success of your public school district depends on your participation.

We can do this. We can invest in our high school and position our district and families and the communities the district serves for a bright future. I ask you to vote Nov. 3 and to support the Medford Area Senior High referendum. I know I will.

— Barbara Knight, MAPSD board member