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Questions how she got a ticket in her own home

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As a recovering alcoholic I know all to well I will relapse occasionally. It is a fact and I expect it, but I keep struggling to be sober.

I love being clean and clear headed. It is always hard on your family . . . just understanding this addictive (disease) is so complicated. Many people can tolerate alcohol, but a mental disease to self medicate is an addiction.

I’m 78-years-old, live alone and have no one. I’m happy when I am sober, and have many projects I love to do. I’m not lonely because I appreciate my solitude.

I relapse and passed out in my bed August 1, 2020. A family member of little understanding called the cops and I was arrested and went to jail.

I have no idea what happened until I started sobering up when a clerk was obtaining my information. When I asked why I was being arrested they said disorderly conduct.

What? (I plead not guilty, have a fine of $263.50) I was passed out in my own house in my own bed. I remember waking up with a copy over me.

I was helped to the squad car, not belligerent, no hand cuffs, still drunk.

A friend of mine who doesn’t drink was present. He tried to explain things, but they still arrested me.

Three hours later he posted bail of $150. The D.A. said no criminal charges were committed. The sheriff answers my complaint by saying “You may appear in court at the scheduled time and make an initial plea before the judge or you may pay the one of $263.50 to the Taylor County Clerk of Court BEFORE the court date.”


It is not against the law to drink in your own home.

This was an invasion of my privacy and my civil rights were violated.

— Betty Jensen, Lublin