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Trump not about law and order


Maxine Luchterhand



President Trump would like to be known as the “Law and Order Candidate,” but consider just a few instances from his presidency.

Trump has repeatedly advocated violence against protestors and immigrants. He asked police to not be “too nice” when they arrest people. He has offered to pay legal fees if his supporters are sued for beating up protestors at his rallies. He declared, “I’d like to punch him in the face!” as one protestor was removed.

He actually asked if rocks could be considered a firearm that would justify lethal force. He asked an aide if U.S. agents could shoot migrants below the waist. Trump offered support for white nationalists involved in a rally in Charlottesville, Va., that left one woman dead, remarking about “some very fine people on both sides” and he retweeted a video of a Trump supporter shouting, “White power!”

During the four years of the Trump administration, public awareness of police violence has increased and Americans have taken to the streets to protest what they see as racial injustice and inequity too often condoned by their government. Trump’s reaction has been to send in more heavily armed police and to blame Joe Biden. Biden has gone on TV admonishing the violence saying, “Looting is not protesting. Burning buildings is not protesting. Arsonists and looters should be arrested.”

President Trump has asked his supporters to violate federal law and commit a felony by attempting to vote twice, once by mail and once in person. He did this despite warnings from election officials from across the nation.

Trump is grasping for something to campaign on and believes his ineffectual and often inflammatory actions regarding protestors can be molded in a fashion that would make him appear as a “law and order” guru. He hopes we ignore his eight associates that have either worked on his campaign or in his administration that have been arrested or convicted of crimes ranging from conspiracy against the United States, child pornography, tax fraud, lying to the FBI, and defrauding investors. His personal attorney and the Postmaster General are also under investigation. Calling Trump the “law and order candidate” is a real stretch when we are witnessing what will go down as one of the most corrupt and violence-prone administrations in our nation’s history.