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On elitism, vaccines and fake news

Esther Niedzwiecki



Our world is a bit chaotic these days. It came to me the other day that it’s not just one man in the White House, it’s the global elite causing all of this. Part of the one world government cult.They’ve thrown everything they can at the president from day one. He messed up their plans to take over our country. The elite work with China and the United Nations, all part of Agenda 21 (Smart Growth). We the people have foiled their progress by resisting their plans. They’re using China for their model. Really?

Now we have this virus. Tests around the country aren’t always accurate, and masks are problematic. Doctors around the country have had success with hydroxychloroquine, and have tried to put out info on social media, but are banned, one even got fired. Then there is an asthma drug used with nebulizers that has success. And now the plasma treatment. No one I talk with wants to take the Bill Gates vaccines. Does Gates have a medical degree?

Death rates from COVID are exaggerated, so everyone is scared. I get wonderful info on the Power Hour (shortwave 7490) or online. Dr. Sherry Tenpenny was on last week — she’s an expert on viruses and vaccines. Along with her, there’s Dr. Sherry Rogers, who gives info on how to boost the immune system. You’ll never hear all this on “Mainstream Media.” MSM is so far out there that many I know have turned them off. I quit long ago. The Power Hour is my first go-to, followed by Glenn Beck, then at night Red Eye Radio. I look for real news, or the truth. Hard to find, so we have to search. I have many books and DVDs I can share.

We’re in confusing times — lots of propaganda and just plain lies. We are one vote away from socialism, or worse, Marxist communism. Let’s not forget our soldiers in the millions of graves all over the country, who fought for our freedoms and liberty. Our country, a representative republic, is one of a kind. We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Will we be able to keep them?

One last thought — can we quarantine Mainstream Media, no cameras or microphones for oh, say, two years? They no longer are journalists, they are political activists. We don’t need them. We do need our small town newspapers. And another paper, the American Free Press.