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Dems are after our freedoms

Susan du Bois



If we do not pay attention to what is happening in our country, we could lose our freedoms guaranteed by the amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America.

The First Amendment guarantees every American citizen that the government will not establish a religion that we all have to follow, but that the government cannot prohibit our right to follow a certain religion. This means the government is not allowed to put restrictions on our choice of religion and is not allowed to prohibit our religion’s rules and regulations. However, it is happening right now in our country and everyone who loves the lord our God should be aware of what is going on.

The Democratic platform for 2020 states that religious freedom is a “fundamental human right” that nevertheless cannot be used “as a cover for discrimination.” Please think about what you just read. Their proposed legislation, Religious Freedom Restoration Act, would limit our religious-freedom protections. The RFRA states objections to the contraceptive mandate, healthcare workers declining to participate in abortions, and religious adoption agencies placing children only with married opposite-sex couples will not be allowed. In other words, if you are a doctor formed by your Christian heritage and do not want to give out contraceptives or perform an abortion, you would be in violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Your belief isn’t valid here. If you are a religious organization that does not want to pay for contraceptives you are in violation of the RFRA. If you are a nurse and don’t believe in abortion you must perform the duties or be in violation of the Act. Companies, hospitals, doctors, nurses, adoption agencies and more are not allowed to follow their religious right.

Our religious freedom is in jeopardy. Christian faith in union with St. Paul’s Revelation in the Bible does not recognize homosexual marriage as valid; however, we do not discriminate against homosexuals. Marriage of a man and a woman, a heterosexual relationship can provide the gift of life. According to the Democrats, the Christian religion would be a “cover for discrimination.”

I hope I have explained some of what the Democrats’ platform is so you can vote your faith this November.