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Biden stays silent as violence rules

Rick Weber



Eighty-eight days is the time Joe Biden remained silent. Joe Biden hiding in his basement said nothing, he did not condemn the people that burned dozens of cities. Countless small businesses burned to the ground. Countless innocent people assaulted. Countless police officers assaulted. Rampant mayhem and he said nothing.

For 88 days Joe Biden, who thinks he is qualified to be president, was silent and hid in his basement. The supposed leader of one of our two major political parties said nothing. It should be expected because the Democrats now embrace political violence. They see it as a tool to forward their socialist agenda. Therefore Joe Biden sat in his basement and said nothing for 88 days while the country he says he can lead burned.

Not a word was said as violence broke out in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Fayetteville, Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Nashville, Philadelphia, Chicago, Portland, Milwaukee, Salt Lake, Detroit, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and now Kenosha.

Sorry, he did say stuff that encouraged the violence. He called the criminals that assaulted people, looted small businesses, burned buildings to the ground “protesters.” He assured them as president he stood with them against law and order.

Even as people lost everything to the criminals, Joe Biden sided with and encouraged their behavior. The man that wants to be president did not have the courage to condemn the burning of police stations and courthouses that were paid for by the American citizens.

We now have a man running for president who condemns police. Joe Biden sides with the criminals, who burn, steal, and assault the American citizen. And when he finally condemns the rioting, it is because the polls told him he should. Joe Biden is a spineless individual. He has no moral character. His entire life has been about getting re-elected.