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Praises letter writer, says listen to multiple media

Vox Pop

Hats off to Tim Kapfhamer for his letter to the editor in the Aug. 13, 2020 edition of The Star News. He brought forward many issues about the press that needed to be known.

I have a friend who heard news anchorman Dan Rather speak at a conference. He told them that the media tells the public what they want them to believe. Think about that!

We have all heard the saying that if you hear something often enough, you will believe it. The media is using this tactic very well.

We need to listen to news broadcasts from several different news sources, instead of just one or two, to hopefully get a true picture of what is going on. I listen to Fox, Associated Press, NPR, and ABC every day, and also others at times. The mainstream media is leaning toward the left, so you also need to listen to those on the right, such as Fox and Breitbart. Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College, is also very informative.

I used to think that ABC was one of the better mainstream media sources until I heard their White House correspondent Jonathon Karl say that Trump was against mail-in and absentee voting, which was a lie. Trump has said many times that absentee voting is fine and he encourages people to do so.

That being said, be sure to request your absentee ballots now for the November election, if you do not plan on going to the polls. Every vote is going to count!

We need to remember that we are voting for the Republican or Democratic platform, as much, or even more than, for the person himself. It is not a popularity contest. We need to vote for the person who is going to lead this country in the right direction – towards prosperity, jobs, a strong military, a strong police force, strong borders, a respect for life, and fair trade agreements.

— Betty Danen, Medford