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Kapfhamer says media not doing its job in America

The media in this country is largely biased and not doing its job. Some surveys show an over 80% liberal bias.

The media reports negatively concerning President Trump:

• Job stats from “experts” were projected low and quietly revised up. (President Obama’s stats were projected high then quietly revised down.)

• They pushed “Trump/Russia collusion” for two years. This was proven false and the unverified “Trump dossier” paid for by the Clinton campaign.

• They criticized Mr. Trump and called him names for stopping airline travel with COVID-19 countries in January, later complaining he didn’t take action soon enough.

The media props up Democrats:

• They failed to report or just gave Mr Obama a pass on numerous lies. (Keep your doctor/medical plan.)

• They had no problem with the Obama Administration testifying to the Supreme Court that the Obamacare individual mandate was a legal tax, while telling the American people it was a penalty.

• They ignore racists Democrats (Sen Byrd (D) in the KKK.)

• Support Democrat’s destruction and removal of historical figures/monuments and revision of our history.

The media “creates facts” (CBS’ Dan Rather) and lies to us by omission:

• The Democrat National Committee took Payroll Protection Program (PPP) money.

• Democrat officials, such as N.Y. Gov. Cuomo (D), forced nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients, where 45% of the deaths occurred.

• N.Y. mayor De Blasio (D) kept the city largely shut down but made exceptions for BLM protests.

• Police in many cities are busy rearresting criminals released by Democrats.

• The historical figure statues Speaker Pelosi (D) proposed taking down were almost all Democrats. (Two had no party preference.)

• BLM mobs destroying statues of people who supported blacks.

• Democrat officials restricting religious services but encouraged BLM protests. (Some COVID-19 “experts” said protesting was more important.) They again called for lockdowns after protests subsided.

• Democrat officials across the country instituting gun control laws.

• The COVID-19 death rate in the U.S. dropped for 12 straight weeks.

• Multiple instances of voter fraud (tampering with mail, stealing and falsifying ballots, etc.) go unreported. A 2018 Congressional election in N.C. was decertified and a new election ordered due to absentee ballot fraud.

• Two national gun control groups received hundreds of thousands of PPP dollars while vowing to spend millions promoting anti-gun candidates.

• Universities punishing conservative students (and professors) just for exercising their First Amendment rights goes unreported.

• They filter many of Mr. Trump’s briefings, not even broadcasting some. We only hear their negativity.

• More youth support Socialism, but few understand it. Many think it’s “being social.”

This is a small sample of media manipulation. It continues daily.

We no longer have a free and unbiased press. Most of the media in our country supports one political party (Democrats) akin to that of Nazi Germany or the party run press of Communist countries. This makes them not worthy of our trust and threatens our republic.

— Tim Kapfhamer, Colby