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Lack of leadership in U.S. Senate is hurting America

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Americans are hurting.

The American economy shrank on an annualized rate of 33% during the second quarter of this year. In the past 19 weeks over 50 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. The moratorium on evictions expired on July 31 and 40 million people do not expect to be able to make their next rent or mortgage payment.

The week ending July 21 had 30 million Americans say they did not have enough to eat. If no help arrives from the government, the economy is expected to shrink further and another 1.7 million people will lose their jobs. President Trump, and members his administration, do not talk about these numbers because they point to a lack of leadership less than 90 days from an election. He has asked for a pay roll tax cut, funding for a new Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) building, and money to replace several billion dollars spent building a wall, but none of his suggestions are designed to provide aid to Americans facing financial ruin. Republicans in the U.S. Senate floated a bill to replace the $600 a week unemployment benefit that ended last weekend, with $200 a week, but are struggling to get all their members on board.

With the economy nearing a collapse and millions of Americans going hungry and being evicted from their homes, we expect our government to act.

Last week the Democrats in the House presented the stimulus plan they have had for the past two months. Republicans in the senate spent time debating whether or not to go on vacation and still do not have a plan.

The continuing indecisiveness in the Senate and lack of leadership by the president must stop. It is hurting America. — Mindy Walker, Willard