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Truth can outweigh the ‘facts’

Dan McNeely



As presidential candidate Joe Biden stated at a rally, he supports truth over facts. What ever that means? I have read many articles in the TRG past month bashing anything our current president does. This past week was no different.

One article stated our president is “Violating” the constitution, and proceeds to quote which article applies. If no one questions it, it sounds legitimate. The problem is, the correct U.S. code is 40USC1315. The government has a right, and responsibility to the taxpayers to protect “federal” buildings erected with taxpayer money. In the case of Portland, Oregon riots, 60 days of constant rioting and attempting to burn a “federal” building would fall in that code as the local Democrat mayor has no desire to protect our property. In another article, Trump is bashed for not responding like Justin Trudeau to the pandemic. Another case of, “misleading information.” I happen to know individuals firsthand that rely on the so called “universal healthcare” which Canada has. Partly due to having visited Canada and talked with real Canadians for the better part of 35 years. One individual had needed heart bypass. He waited six months for treatment. I have not heard of anyone in the U.S .that has had to wait that long! Free does not necessarily mean free! The sales tax on everything purchased in Canada is 13.5 percent. Gas at this time when our gas is at $2.15, Canada’s gas prices are close to $4.50. The economy is still shut down in Canada with only essential workers able to cross.

The U.S. pediatricians all agree that the schools should reopen this fall as there is no evidence that a child can infect an adult. I do notice the writer stated going to religious services, social events and governmental gatherings (I’m assuming he means Trump rallies) can spread the virus, but riots and looting events don’t spread the virus. I wonder if the author considered the harmful effects of respiratory problems K through 12 of wearing masks eight hours per day.

Please keep writing your letters to the editor though, I enjoy fact checking the truth over facts.