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Says democracies don’t work, Electoral College needed

Vox Pop

I am referring to your editorial, “Time to scrap the Electoral College,” in the July 9 issue of The Star News.

I believe the Electoral College is an important safeguard to liberty and should be kept. The founders put the college in the Constitution, as another check and balance against the tyranny of the majority/democracy. It should, also be of concern that many, who want its destruction come rom the socialist and communist camps, with the likes of Bernie, Hillary, Barry, ‘mainstream media, college professors, and the like.

Why should we keep the Electoral College?

The founders had no intention of creating a pure majority rule democracy. Democracies do not work. If you take the time to read the founders, most if not all, despised democracy. They all realized that democracies always lead to mob rule and the loss of individual liberties.

The Electoral College encourages national campaigning. The candidates cannot ignore the less populated states. They must have support from various types of voters and areas of the country. Hillary ignored and criticized the “fly over” states, and Donald did not. Perhaps that is why she lost.

The Electoral College makes it harder to steal elections. Votes must be stolen from the right state in order to change the outcome. Without the Electoral College any vote stolen in any state could change the outcome.

The Electoral College protects against the tyranny of the majority. All people and areas of the country have an equal say.

Instead of having a few high population states choosing our president, all have a say We have coalition building, protection from tyranny, and less voter fraud.

A win,win situation. Thankfully, it will take super majorities to amend our Constitution. The Electoral College is not an antiquated concept. It is needed today, more than ever due to the divisiveness that has come to be. The writers of our Constitution knew this day was coming. Ending the Electoral College will end what is left of the American Republic.

— David Hamland, Medford