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Says Electoral College gives midwest states a voice

Vox Pop

If you eliminate the Electoral College, you will have a situation where the two party system will end for the office of President of the United States. The voters of the rest of the nation will never be able to overcome the populations of the east and west coasts and the areas immediately around the Great Lakes with their disposition toward liberal views. The Electoral College provides some balance to the east coast financial elites, the west coast entertainment and tech sectors, and the reliably liberal Great Lakes area. But that is what the Marxist Democrats want, right?

Face masks are a test of how much you are willing to be pushed around by the government. And so far I’d say we are doing very well on the test. Throw in the secret sauce of social awareness, and you have the situation we are in now where everyone looks like they just stepped off the set of the TV medical drama E/R, minus George Clooney. But on the plus side you can get your face mask with the emblem of your favorite sports team, calming art work such as butterflies and puppies, or the logo of you favorite consumer product such as Preparation H.

I’m calling the Environmental Protection Agency, the Wisconsin DNR, and the Culligan man. Something bad is in the water down in Unity. The level of Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached an unprecedented new level in that area.

Paper mill workers are very well paid. There is nothing wrong with that mind you. But that is all going to change overnight if the union contracts at the Verso mill are abrogated. Chamber of commerce Republicans such as Mittens Romney will blame this on overly generous wages and benefits accorded to the unions. Socialist Democrats will blame this on heartless, greedy capitalists. But the real reason these workers will see their wages and benefits shrink drastically is because of our old friend globalism.

We are pretty well through the first phase of globalism where an entire business is moved out of the country in search of the lowest wage. Now the American workers that are left get to compete against nations with a much lower wage structure, far fewer employment benefits, little or no worker protections, and lax environmental laws. It’s difficult to dismantle a paper mill, encase it in bubble wrap, stuff it into totes, and put it on a container ship to China. Hence the workers that remain will pay the price.

On the plus side let’s all hoist a frosty cold mug of Wilson Brau beer and celebrate a rare victory for the rule of law and the Constitution. What I am talking about is the decision by the Department of Justice in Washington to drop the case against former General Michael Flynn. I could write an entire Vox Pop on this subject alone. But to keep this brief General Flynn’s new and better attorney Sidney Powell (he’s a she) was able to uncover evidence hidden by the government proving General Flynn should have never been charged of a crime in the first place. And to top it off, the judge in the case, Emmet Sullivan (no relation to Ed) attempted to perform an end around on the DOJ by attempting to bring in another judge to write a “friend of the court” brief as to why the case should not be dropped. Judge Sullivan later got his knuckles rapped for the maneuver. — Bryan Bormann, Medford