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Natural remedies may be best

Esther Niedzwiecki



On Saturday, June 27, I was in Owen to get gas for my lawnmowers and to stop at the farmers’ market. I was listening to Outdoor Radio, when Dr. Cass Ingram came on. I have several of his books.

Dr. Ingram is a doctor who survived Lyme Disease after being so sick he was in a wheelchair. He has since recovered and has many degrees and written several books on wellness.

Dr. Ingram was on several social media sites but has since been suppressed. Why? It could be that Big Pharma does not want simple, safe medicines to be known. He said the FDA even went about testing his methods, and found that they actually work, that maybe someone could duplicate them as drugs. The problem -this stuff is natural, so can’t be patented. I’ve followed his advice for many years. There are no side effects.

Dr. Cass recommends wild oil of oregano and high doses of Vitamin C for any viruses. So, it has to be wild oil of oregano, not the stuff we put on pizza. Oregano or oregonol, in capsule form or the oil, even as a nasal spray. He also suggests using wild leeks and stinging nettles (use gloves to pick them, then cook. All stinging gone when cooked, loaded with vitamins).

I have gotten off most prescription drugs, and very little over-the-counter ones, relying mostly on natural remedies. Life doesn’t have to be so complicated. And turn off the boob tube, and get outside and enjoy nature. That’s real.

By the way, there is another good medical doctor, Dr. Sherry Rogers. She also has suggestions for how to get well and boost the immune system by cleaning up our diets.