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Reader: Tiffany is a puppet

Vox Pop

School officials across the nation are wrestling with how to provide the best education possible while protecting the health of the nation’s children. Most of them agree a ‘normal’ school schedule will not be possible. Enter Tom Tiffany, one of the newest members of Congress.

Tiffany offered almost unilateral support for President Trump and his policies when he was campaigning for office and is already demonstrating how a puppet of the Trump Administration behaves in Congress. Trump wants everything, including schools, to be back to ‘normal’ by this fall, so Tiffany’s first congressional bill removes all federal funding for any public school that fails to have a full in-school schedule by September 8, apparently regardless of what COVID-19 is doing in any particular community at the time.

Can you imagine public schools in Florida or Texas holding regular classes when they are registering over 5,000 new cases a day? Tiffany is fond of saying local officials know best, but he developed a reputation for moving local control to Madison when he was a state senator. Now he wants to move it to Washington.

School officials should not look to Tiffany for help from Washington. It is apparent, from his actions, that he has no regard for his children and grandchildren or ours or the children in the neighborhood. A virus has no regard for political affiliations or ambitions.

An independent congressman would be refreshing. Unfortunately, this one came with strings attached.

Anita Slone, Neillsville