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Which do you think is better?

Timothy Kapfhamer



Who is better for America?

For mer President Obama’s (D) policies produced a very anemic recovery and greatly increased our national debt. Obamacare created double digit increases in health care costs and huge deductibles. The income gap rapidly expanded. Small job numbers were constantly revised down. Cost of living increased with stagnant wages. Businesses fled the country. Race relations degraded. He raised taxes, grew job killing regulations at a record pace, and his Paris climate accord was a $100B tax on America. He said this was as good as it will get and was the “new normal.”

President Trump (R) proved Mr Obama’s policies were not good for America. Mr. Trump lowered taxes for most taxpayers. His policies brought back jobs. Unemployment is at record lows for all demographics (including minorities and women.) Wages are increasing. He is securing our borders and getting illegal immigration under control. (Illegal crossings are down almost 80 percent.) 401Ks are growing. He brought China’s theft of our intellectual property under control. New trade bills were just passed to increase farm exports and alleviate decades old problems farmers are having. Our economy is the best it’s ever been.

Democrat presidential candidates want to reverse all of this. Democrats openly promote taxpayer funding to kill innocent babies. (Planned Parenthood received over $500M taxpayer funds last year and gave Democrats nearly 10 percent of that.) They openly advocate taking guns away from law abiding people and are attempting this in Virginia and other states where they have control. They want open borders and taxpayer funded healthcare for illegals. They are against school choice. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars in multiple investigations over three years trying to get rid of Mr. Trump, calling for impeachment even before his inauguration. They proposed cost prohibitive programs (costing trillions of dollars) but their prime focus is just to “beat Trump.” Their disdain, disrespect, and hatred for our country’s accomplishments, Mr. Trump, and honored guests were on full display by Speaker Pelosi’s (D) actions throughout the State of the Union address.

Voters will show which they believe is better for our country, a return to Mr. Obama’s “new normal” or Mr. Trump’s “Keep America Great.”