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would be required to be completed by noon and only held up to two days per week to allow for maintenance and cleaning of the pool. The city will not need to have a lifeguard on duty since Haenel will be a certified lifeguard.

Harris said he wanted to make sure the council would be OK with doing it before they started promoting it.

“It will be another nice thing for adults in the community and to get more use out of the pool,” said mayor Mike Wellner.

Council members voted unanimously to support offering water aerobics at the pool. It will go for a final vote at next week’s city council meeting.

New housing

Council members recommended approving a developer’s agreement with Bryan Schultz of Northwoods Leasing for the construction of 8 residential housing units at 225 Marjorie Lane.

Schultz owns the apartment complex located near Broadway Theatre and plans to expand building four duplexes in the space between the existing buildings and Hwy 64. Driveway access will remain from Marjorie Lane.

Harris explained that under the plan, it would look to someone driving by like two buildings, but would, for state code purposes, be four structures with air gap separation surrounded by parking area.

The project is estimated to have a total cost of $1 million with Schultz planning to begin construction this spring when weather permits with construction to be completed by December 24, 2024. Under the loan program set up by the city, the city will participate by lending the project $100,000 for 10 years with no interest.

Council members questioned if there was enough room on the lot to do what he planned to do and meet state set backs. Harris said they involved building inspector/ zoning administrator Bob Christensen in looking at the plans and that the project will fit with a little space to spare.

In other business council members:

  Recommended approving a new handbook explaining the duties and responsibilities of being a city council member. Council member Laura Holmes praised the handbook saying it would have been very beneficial for her when she had first gotten on the council. Council member Greg Knight agreed.

  Recommended adopting the state law for the city’s damage to property ordinance to make it uniform as an option to issue the city ordinance violation.

  Recommended approving the annual materials and equipment use bids for road and public works material. In keeping with past practice, the city accepts all backhoe, truck and driver bids which allows them flexibility to utilize who is available when the city has need.

  Recommended approving a bid from Jensen Chip and Seal Coating for $9,900 to do street striping in the city over a bid of $34,350 from Fahrner Asphalt for the work.

  Recommended approving the ordinance to enact and adopt the supplement to the city’s code of ordinances. According to city clerk Ashley Lemke, this just adds the ordinances approved in the past year to the city’s code book.

  Were introduced to Frankie Homer, a new employee with the Public Works Department who began working for the city on February 21. Prior to coming to the city he worked for Melvin Companies for about two years.