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Cabinet factory donates desk in memory of employee

Cabinet factory donates desk in memory of employee Cabinet factory donates desk in memory of employee



Danny Ewoldt was a beloved employee of the Great Northern Cabinet factory for 33 years. When Danny suddenly died in October of a heart attack, it was clear that the factory wanted to give back and do something to honor his memory.

Six months ago Danny’s family got a call from the cabinet factory where he was a truck driver for many years, asking what they could do to keep his memory alive.

After considering their choices, the family asked if the factory could donate something to Black River Industries (BRI). Danny’s youngest son Seth, is autistic, and has worked at BRI since 2008. Danny’s wife Cindy said “Seth is just like his dad, he enjoys going to work, whenever I say it’s time to go to work, he is ready to go.”

The cabinet factory decided to build a desk that Seth could use and donate it to BRI.

Danny was well liked not only amongst his fellow employees, but also among his customers. He knew them all by name. He always had a smile on his face and never had a bad thing to say about anyone.

Danny’s youngest daughter, Hilary said “The outpouring of condolences that we have gotten from not only family and friends but also his customers and vendors has been really special.”

Creative Designs in Cabinetry worked with BRI to design the desk. The desk was made just like any other cabinet in the factory, so every employee had a hand in making this beautiful product. The desk is oak and has a beautiful finish on it.

A dedication plaque will be added to the desk at a later date with Danny’s name on it. Seth will get to pick out the handles himself to be added to the desk.

Tim Ford owner of Great Northern Cabinetry said “Danny was a unicorn, he was one of a kind and we’ll never have anyone else like him. He was an amazing man.”