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It is time to soil your undies

It is time to soil your undies It is time to soil your undies



Ryan Klussendorf would like you to join him while he soils his undies.

Yes you read that correctly. Last year the Farm Bureau sponsored this decomposing experiment and it was a success.

Klussendorf said “Last year there were a lot of people who wanted to participate in it, so we decided to do it again this year as well.”

Klussendorf is conducting an experiment to test the soil health of your land by soiling your undies. You take a pair of cotton underwear and bury them in the soil and within a month, you will dig them up. If the pair of underwear is more or less deteriorated, then you have good healthy soil.

If you don’t have a huge amount of land, and all you have is a garden, you can still participate in the contest.

Participating in this contest is a fun and interesting way to discover how hearty your soil really is.

This contest is done by simply registering online, putting in your information and within a few days your kit will come in the mail and you can begin the project. The project lasts 30 days and will be throughout the month of June.

Seven counties throughout the state participate in this contest including Price, Lincoln, Taylor, Clark, Marathon, Wood, and Portage counties.

There will be a panel of UW-Extension Agents reviewing the photo submissions and awarding one winner per county. The winners will receive a gift card for Fleet Farm or to other stores alike.

Klussendorf said “Even after you dig up your underwear and it’s not as decomposed as you would have thought doesn’t mean your dirt is bad. It just means the dirt isn’t breaking down the cotton fibers as strong as it could be.”

If any questions about the contest, please contact Ryan Klussendorf at [email protected] For anyone who would like to participate in this fun activity please visit the following website to register: In order to be fully enrolled in the contest you will need to: 1. Send a selfie with your flag once you have buried your undies.

2. Send a selfie with your flag and deteriorated undies 1 month after initial planting.

Email everything to: [email protected] or post it to your respective county’s Facebook page.

Don’t delay - register today! To register go to