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“Funding all of these requests ….

“Funding all of these requests …. “Funding all of these requests ….

“Funding all of these requests is going to blow our budget out of the water,” Bub said, noting that the requested amounts totaled more than $17,500. However the commission is limited to spending what was collected in room tax the previous quarter. The most recent transfer from the city, which came through on Monday night totaled about $10,980. The next quarterly room tax payment will be due from the city in the first weekend of August.

Sue Emmerich noted that pre-COVID the amount per quarter had been steady at about $14,000 per quarter. However she said while the totals have improved they have not entirely recovered to pre pandemic levels.

Requests for funds came from the following groups and events: Medford Area Chamber of Commerce — $7,000 to help cover expenses to put on Parkfest to be held August 18. The total budget for the event is $46,100 with the largest expense the cost of bringing in the performer and associated costs for stage and set up.

Medford City Baseball Inc. — $3,000 to hep with putting on youth baseball and softball tournaments. Bub noted that the city has been very supportive of baseball in the community with sizable donations in recent years to help upgrade the field. He also noted the city recently approved $4,000 in recreation funding to the Little League program and that while they are different organizations, they all use the same fields and the same events. “I think the Medford community is supporting Medford baseball very well,” he said.

Barely Legal Customs — $2,000 to help with putting on the annual Rumblefest Car Show on July 29-31. It was noted that this is an ongoing event that has received funds in the past as the new organizers took over the established show several years ago and have worked to grow it.

Grass on the Black — $2,000 to help with putting on a Medford Area Bluegrass Festival on July 9 and 10. It will include multiple locations throughout the downtown as well as outside the city with bluegrass bands performing. While each venue is responsible for their own band and related costs, the projected total budget is $12,500 for the first year event.

Back in Time working with the FFA Alumni — $3,500 to expand an antique tractor show and ride event to be held on August 13-14. Last year a show was put together with a group of people and they were surprised to have 32 tractors attend. This year, they have already received word that more than 100 tractors are planning on coming. Bub expressed concern that the requested amount was almost equal to the estimated $3,700 budget for the event.

“I really like these activities,” Bub said. He noted that it was unlikely the commission would see a large number of requests at the August meeting since most of the activities for the year will be over or close to it by that point.

“While it is always dangerous, if we wanted to fund these events we could take and steal from tomorrow to fund some of them today,” Bub said, suggesting that they earmark the additional funds needed to be spent from the August allocations.

Commission members discussion decided to trim down some of the requests giving preference for funding to newer events. Funding was approved as follows: Parkfest $7,000, Grass on the Black $2,000, Back in Time $2,000, Medford City Baseball $2,000, and Rumblefest $1,000.

The Parkfest allocation will be split with $3,500 to be paid now and $3,500 to be paid after the August revenue is received.