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Sheriff reports jail population

Jail counts remain stable in Taylor County with about half the inmates housed locally coming from other counties.

Taylor County Sheriff, Larry Woebbeking, reported on the jail count numbers to members of the county’s law enforcement and emergency services committee on October 15.

Currently there are 47 total inmates, 26 of those inmates being from Marathon County, and 1 being from Wood County. There are currently three positions down in the jail, due to a retirement notice.

Woebbeking said recently staff has gone from 8-hour to 12-hour shifts. Previously, they worked 6 days on, 3 days off, now with the 12-hour shifts, they are working 4 days on and 4 days off. Dispatch is included in this scheduling change.

“The scheduling sergeant finds it easier to fill shifts, and it has reduced overtime by a lot. The 12-hour shifts have helped with employment, because people like the idea of a longer workday, but a shorter work week,” Woebbeking said.

Woebbeking also added that there are 5 applicants who applied for the jail nurse position at the county jail. They are looking for part-time employment of 28 hours/week.

Board member Ray Soper mentioned someone had contacted him when the gravel pit accident occurred, where they had to call 911 six times until they got an answer.

“Because of the area that the call came from, the 911 dispatch sent it to Clark county, we got the information from Clark County, which came in on our administrative line, not the 911 system. So, with the fatal accident, occurring a minute before, the dispatch put the caller on hold, it’s just what happens sometimes,” explained chief deputy Corey Dassow.

In other action: American Red Cross will be hosting a blood drive on Friday, November 12, at the Taylor County Community Center, 845 E. Broadway Ave., from 10 a.m until 3 p.m.

Costs are up for ambulance incentive payments to fill shifts, mostly on the weekends.

Michael Borgen, Director of ER, at Aspirus will be retiring in early November.

Colleen Handrick, manager of Emergency Services, announced that Taylor County Health Department hired a temporary employee to help with COVID testing clinics and site management for the vaccination clinics. She also informed the board that the National Guard renewed the license to continue testing, also coordinating with Clark County, with alternating Tuesday testing. A contract with Accelerated Lab is in effect for alternating Thursdays.