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Semiannual Homeless Count planned for July 28

Taylor County Supportive Housing in Medford will be participating in the Balance of State Continuum of Care Point in Time Count on July 28 as required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The physical count begins at 11 p.m.

The Balance of State Continuum is an organization of homeless service providers in the state of Wisconsin. Each local area will count the homeless who are either sheltered in a facility or unsheltered and living on the streets. In a typical year, the “Point in Time” count simultaneously occurs in each county in January and July. Volunteers in each area drive around or walk around the Wisconsin communities to determine how many individuals are going unsheltered. The volunteers are equipped with the knowledge to assist those individuals in getting connected to local resources for food and shelter. Each community submits their counts for sheltered and unsheltered persons in each county for that night. Those numbers are then used to determine if the services provided in the County are meeting the needs of those who are homeless.

Taylor County Supportive Housing will be participating in the count and making sure that all homeless individuals who are located on this evening in July will be informed of the services available to them in the County. For more information on how Taylor County Supportive Housing is working toward combating homelessness in Taylor County check out their Facebook page.

Volunteers are needed, especially in larger populated areas. If you would like to help in this effort by volunteering, contact Jessica at 715-748-1456. To learn more about the Balance of State Continuum visit www. .