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Personnel committee OKs starting search for treatment court coordinator

Personnel committee OKs starting search for treatment court coordinator Personnel committee OKs starting search for treatment court coordinator

The Taylor County Personnel Committee on Tuesday approved a request from district attorney Kristi Tlusty to begin the process of hiring a treatment court coordinator.

Tlusty said the position requires a significant amount of training and background and was not an entry level position. She said the position is one where the individual wears a number of different hats and it’s more than just case management and social work. Tlusty said the current treatment coordinator is planning to retire in the near future and that the state Department of Justice, which provides Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) Grant funding to partially cover the cost of the position, has said the grant funding could also be used to continue paying the current coordinator while she’s training her replacement. Essentially, she said, Taylor County would have two coordinators and there would be no additional cost to the county.

Tlusty said since the time frame until the treatment coordinator retires is anywhere from two months to the end of December and that the recruitment process to attract someone with the necessary skills to come to Taylor County is going to be very difficult, she was asking the county for approval to start the process now.

The committee also approved a request from county treasurer Sarah Holtz to hire a temporary employee for her office.

Holtz said her temporary employee had left for fulltime employment and with the second installment of property taxes coming due soon, she would need additional help. Holtz said she could ask the staff in the real property lister office to help, but with their upcoming busy work schedule, she didn’t want to impose on them. Holtz said a clerk from one of the townships was willing to help out for six weeks or so and was asking the committee for approval to hire that person until August 15.

The committee also approved requests from Holtz to hire a replacement for the chief deputy who has retired and to temporary increase the real property lister staff hours to 40 hours on an as needed basis until August 15 while the new chief deputy is hired and trained.

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