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From past files of The Star News


April 28, 2011

Can the county afford to continue caring for stray cats? That’s an issue Taylor County’s law enforcement and emergency services committee will be considering in preparation for the 2012 budget year.

County board member Lester Lewis said he asked to have cat licensing on the agenda at the committee’s April 22 meeting. “This is a financial issue,” Lewis said. “This is what it’s about.”

The county currently contracts with the Taylor County Humane Society to care for stray dogs and cats. The expenses are partially funded by the county dog license fees and the rest of the county’s share comes out of general tax revenues. According to accountant Larry Brandl, Taylor County pays the humane society $36,000 per year for operating costs along with $600 per month to rent the shelter’s building and covers utilities for the building. Brandl said the county collected $13,853.55 in dog license fees in 2010.


May 1, 1996

The company that was awarded the bid for the Main Street reconstruction project has, in effect, stopped the project in its tracks.

A-1 Excavating of Bloomer made an error on its bid document. The company overlooked the need for structural backfi ll, a $100,000 cost, in the utility trenches, a cost the company did not include in the bid.

The error was discovered on April 9, when A-1 called City Hall wanting to negotiate the issue. By law, nothing can be negotiated until the contracts are signed, so the City of Medford did nothing.

The Committee on Public Works discussed the issue at length Monday night.

City Attorney Bob Brandner advised that the City claim the bid bond as forfeit and then go ahead with whatever arrangements need to be made to get the project going again.


April 29, 1971

City police investigated a mishap at 9:40 a.m. Tuesday, April 20, at the intersection of Main and Division streets involving a car driven by Howard Bergquist, Prentice, and a city owned truck operated by Walter Tylka, Withee, route 2. The truck was traveling east and the car was southbound when they collided at the intersection.


April 25, 1946

With the lack of spring rains this year four outbreaks of fire have occurred within the boundaries of the Medford district of the Chequamegon National Forest, according to Floyd Roberts, federal forest ranger. They were in the towns of Cleveland, Grover, and west Westboro. Ranger Roberts states that the water in the streams and swamps is much lower this year in comparison with that of last year at this time.

Because of the fire conditions all wardens have been notified not to issue any burning permits until after the heavy rains.


April 27, 1921

Wisconsin Dairymen are interested in a bill (Bill 477-A) which had been introduced in the Legislature. The bill relates to the manufacture and sale of the so-called “filled milk” that in recent years has been taking the place of whole milk. The bill, should it become a law will prohibit the sale of all “filled milk” in Wisconsin. It may be termed drastic by some, but we are only following in the steps of Ohio, Maryland, South Carolina and Florida which states have already enacted similar legislation.


April 25, 1896

Marinette, Wis., April 18.—During a severe thunder storm early yesterday morning in Wallace, Mich., the home of Andrew Olson was struck by two successive bolts of lightning, and two of his children, a boy aged 8 and a girl, of 6 years, were killed. Olson and his wife and a young woman friend, Miss Anderson, were prostrated and seriously injured. The circumstances of the affair were particularly sad. The children ran to their parents bedroom frightened at the storm. Miss Anderson joined the family there also.

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