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Curtis chosen to receive Kohl Initiative Scholarship

Curtis chosen to receive Kohl Initiative Scholarship Curtis chosen to receive Kohl Initiative Scholarship

This year, Cadott senior Montanna Curtis is the recipient pf a 2021 Herb Kohl Initiative Scholarship, as chosen by the Cadott School District. The Herb Kohl Educational Foundation annually awards its $10,000 Initiative Scholarship to 100 graduating high school students in public, religious and independent schools throughout Wisconsin.

Each year, the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation selects approximately 100 different high schools for the Initiative Scholarship. The selection of schools is based on a rotating cycle, which allows every high school in Wisconsin, to confer an Initiative Scholarship once every seven years. “I appreciate this scholarship so much,” said Curtis. “It will greatly aid me on my academic journey and I am grateful for this opportunity.”

Each designated school chooses its own recipient through an internal selection process. However, guidelines exist that will help decide which student in the school best meets the criteria and spirit of this scholarship.

Students who receive the initiative scholarship are usually selected by their principal(s), counselor(s) or teachers, using a somewhat confidential local process.

The intent of the Herb Kohl Student Initiative Scholarship, is to recognize students who are putting forth extraordinary effort to do their best in the classroom, and have overcome significant obstacles or adversity, but whose class rank, GPA or status is likely to make them ineligible, or not competitive, for any academic scholarships.