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Accident reports

Accident reports Accident reports

Operating a motor vehicle in an aggressive or reckless manner by Firnstahl was listed in the report as a factor in the accident. He was issued a citation for operating without a valid license-first offense.

Hit-and-run accident

Chloe M. Price, 23, Medford, was involved in an accident on December 6 at 5:45 p.m. in a parking lot at 767 Gibson St. in the city of Medford. According to the accident report, the Price vehicle was pulling into a parking space at the apartment building where the driver lived. The driver reported the brakes were not working and the vehicle drove over the concrete parking block and struck the apartment building, causing significant damage. The driver said she was afraid so she left the scene of the accident and hid the vehicle at her parent’s residence. The Price vehicle sustained damage to the front, right front corner, right side front, left side front and left front corner. Failure to control and operating a motor vehicle in an inattentive, careless or erratic manner by Price were listed in report as factors in the accident. She was listed a citation for failure of occupant to notify police of an accident.


James J. Dulac, 58, Eau Claire, pled no contest to an amended charge of disorderly conduct and forfeited $330.50. The original charge had been battery.

Stefanie K. Matthias, 35, Medford, pled no contest to operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance and forfeited $10.

Donna D. Menning, 63, Medford, pled no contest to possession of open intoxicants in motor vehicle-driver and forfeited $263.50.

Menning also pled no contest to an amended charge of reckless driving-endangering safety and forfeited $389.50. The original charge had been operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration (PAC) greater than or equal to 0.08 percent and less than 0.15 percent-first offense.