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WollerVille captures fourth National Prodigy Math title

WollerVille captures fourth National Prodigy Math title WollerVille captures fourth National Prodigy Math title

Medford students continue to show their mathematics skills and perseverance finishing in first and third place in Prodigy’s Kandi Korn National Math Tournament.

According to Medford Area Elementary School teacher Scott Woller, a total of 1,394 classes entered the tournament for grades three to five. Competition is held on a global level with teams from Australia, New York City and Ontario, Canada in the top five of the competition for the grades three to five bracket. Competition takes places in three bracksets, grades 1-2, grades 3-5 and grades 6-8.

WollerVille had two teams entered in the competition this year — the WollerVille Wombats and the WollerVille Legends. The tournament ran from Oct. 5 to 23 and scoring was based on the average correct answers per student per team.

WollerVille Wombats were crowned National Champions on Oct. 23, they had an average student score of 5,996.20 correct answers. The second place team was Virtual Queendom in Queens, New York City had a student score of 4,664.20. The WollerVille Legends captured third place with a score of 1,377.93 correct answers per student.

The students in the Australian Math Academy in Australia took fourth place overall with 1,316.27 points followed by Mrs. Hawley’s Magnificents in Ontario, Canada rounding out the top five teams with 798.66 points.

The Wombats had the highest per-student average across all three age brackets.

Woller gave a special shout-out to AJ Arndt who had the highest single player score of 7,997 correct answers over the three weeks.

WollerVille students also set a single day record with 6,013 correct math problems recorded on October 19.

Wollerville Wombat team members include (l. to r.): Parker Ried, Crandel Harder, AJ Arndt, Tanner Gebauer and McKenzie Smith. They are pictured with coach Scott Woller.SUBMITTED