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Albers charged with third-degree sexual assault

Jeffrey D. Albers, 57, Medford, made an initial appearance in court via videoconference Tuesday afternoon with his attorney Wright Laufenberg on a charge of third-degree sexual assault. Judge Ann Knox-Bauer set a signature bond of $5,000 and Albers is not to have any contact with the victim.

According to the criminal complaint, on or about Sunday, May 3, 2020, Albers allegedly had oral sexual intercourse with an adult male without that person’s consent, a Class G felony. If convicted, Albers could face a fine of not more than $25,000 or 10 years in prison, or both.

Probable cause

According to a report on the incident prepared by deputy Eric Peterson, the victim stated he was staying at Albers’ residence when Albers came in to his room and laid at the floor of his bed. The victim stated he hadn’t slept well last night and wasn’t feeling good so he asked Albers to rub some oil on his back, which he did. The victim stated Albers laid in bed with him afterwards and then Albers pulled his underwear down and put his mouth on the victim’s penis.

The victim stated Albers must have thought he was asleep and Albers would have expected that as the victim had taken Ambien. The victim stated Albers was laying in bed with him and he had his back to Albers, and Albers was leaning over him and putting his mouth on the victim’s penis. The victim stated this happened five or so times over the course of about 45 minutes. The victim stated he didn’t say anything while it was occurring because he was scared.

The report stated Peterson went to Albers’ residence, but there was no answer at the door. Peterson returned to the office and called Albers, leaving a message for him to call him. Albers called back and Peterson told him he needed to talk to him in person and asked if Albers wanted to come to the office or if he would prefer Peterson came to his residence. Albers then asked if Peterson could come to his residence.

The report went on to say Peterson returned to Albers’ residence and was invited inside by him. Peterson explained the complaint to Albers and he denied any sexual contact with the victim. Peterson obtained a written statement from Albers about the incident. In the statement, Albers states the victim asked him to run oil on his back and he laid down next to victim. Albers denied any sexual actions with the victim. The report read that Peterson didn’t explain the type of sexual assault the victim had described to Albers, but did tell him if it did occur, there would be DNA evidence and asked Albers if he would provide a DNA sample, which Albers agreed to give.

The complaint further states that on May 5, Albers came to the police department and wanted to speak to Peterson. Peterson spoke with Albers in the interview room and recorded the conversation. The complaint states Albers gave Peterson a typed letter that he signed and indicated there was more he needed to tell Peterson. Albers stated he had touched the victim’s penis and given him a “blow job,” and clarified that meant he put his mouth on victim’s penis. Albers stated he laid in bed with the victim and massaged his chest while the victim was on his phone. Albers stated the victim laid on his left side and he was laying behind the victim. Albers stated he reached over the victim with his right hand and touched the victim’s penis over his underwear and rubbed it, and then leaned over him and put the victim’s penis in his mouth. Albers stated that he knew the victim took Ambien and he was aware of the victim’s mental health condition, but he knew the victim was awake and aware at the time. Albers stated this never occurred before this and they never talked about it.

Albers will be back in court for a settlement conference on November 4 at 2 p.m.