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Rep. Edming goes to Washington to promote deregulation

Rep. Edming goes to Washington to promote deregulation Rep. Edming goes to Washington to promote deregulation

Edming praises President Trump’s efforts on regulatory reform

On July 16, Rep. James Edming (R-Glen Flora) was part of a delegation of Wisconsin legislators that joined President Donald Trump at the Rollback of Regulations Helping All Americans event on the South Lawn of The White House. This event highlighted the achievements of President Trump’s administration in rolling back burdensome government regulations.

“It was a tremendous honor to represent the State of Wisconsin and the people of the 87th Assembly District at this important event,” said Rep. Edming. “Excess regulation and government red tape prevents economic growth and negatively impacts small businesses and hardworking folks throughout the 87th District and across Wisconsin. The effort of President Trump and his administration to cut burdensome government regulation has made a realworld difference for the people of the 87th District and all of Wisconsin.”

The event also highlighted the Initiative on Regulatory Innovation, spearheaded by Vice President Mike Pence. The goal of this initiative is to cut regulations and costs, advance occupational licensing reform, and better align state and federal regulations.

“During President Trump’s address I was pleased to hear him highlight two areas in particular that are important to the people I represent, eliminating barriers to broadband deployment and reforming regulations to improve access to healthcare,” said Rep. Edming. “Improving access to broadband and healthcare are both important parts of growing the economy and improving our way of life across the Northwoods. I am glad that the president and his administration are working to address unnecessary government barriers in these areas.”