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From past files of The Star News


June 10, 2010

The Medford School Board heard presentations from two food service companies for the district’s management contract. The contract could be awarded tonight, June 10, at the meeting of the school board.

The contracts are set up for one-year commitment, with renewal a possibility for the next four years. A switch to one of the food service companies could mean the district’s food service employees remain on the district payroll and put them in position to become employees of the management company. New hires to the food service program would become employees of the management company. Neither firm indicated it would cut any employees out of the district’s four kitchens.

Representatives from Taher’s and Chartwell’s each made hour-long presentations to the school board, administration and 10 of the district’s 15 food service employees.


June 14, 1995

The former Human Service Building in Medford was sold last week to Timothy Carr of Rib Lake for $20,000.

Carr could not be reached for comment this week, but Taylor County Clerk Roger Emmerich said it was his understanding that Carr is going to de- velop the building into rental property.

The building, which is located at 219 South Wisconsin Ave., had been appraised last fall at $82,500. It was built as a hospital in 1923, and later remodeled into a nursing home before the county’s Human Services department moved into it in 1978.

By the early ‘90s, Human Services had outgrown the building, and when it was learned that it would cost too much to expand and remodel, the county board voted to build a new Human Services building and offer the old one for sale.


June 11, 1970

A change in plans between the city of Medford and the district school system has arranged for swimming instruction to be given at Medford municipal swimming pool exclusively. It has been announced that the Medford senior high school pool would be open for instruction for a period this summer.

Laverne Schroeder and John Gebert, member of the Medford city council’s city park committee, met with school offi cials Friday. Both the committee and officials agreed it would be more feasible to use the city pool this year and to shut down the high school pool.


June 7, 1945

N. P. Cupery, Clarence Simon, Jack Munson, Oscar Schield, and V. J. Mueller appeared before the city council Tuesday evening expressing the desire of Medford city to purchase the Medford golf course. Munson presented some plans to the council showing how the golf course could be used.

Due to the fact that the Matheus Packing Company of Medford has the option on the golf course property, no further action could be taken.


June 9, 1920

Watch out for the grasshopper. He is one of the most dangerous insect this year.

The grasshopper destroys the crops, in the state of Wisconsin each year amounting to many thousands of dollars. A large part of this loss could be prevented by simple and easy methods if used at the proper time.

During the early part of the fall the grasshoppers deposit their eggs in the soil near the surface, where they remain all winter. The young hatch in the spring. The wingless young are rather inactive and clumsy for some time after being hatched.


June 8, 1895

The records of Jefferson county, W. Va., prove what is not generally known—that Robert Fulton was not the first man to build a steamboat in this country. He as anticipated over 22 years by James Rumsey of Charleston, Va., now West Virginia. Rumsey’s steamboat was partly constructed in Frederick county, Md., in 1785. It was fitted up with machinery partly manufactured at a furnace called “The Cococtin Furnace,” owned by Johnson Brothers, and located in the town of Frederick.

The two cylinders, the boiler, pumps, pipes, etc., were built in Baltimore.