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City approves zoning, annexations for Kwik Trip

City approves zoning, annexations for Kwik Trip City approves zoning, annexations for Kwik Trip

The city of Medford is opening the door to Kwik Trip building a store at the intersection of Perkins St. and Hwy 13.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, alderman approved annexing the Dittrich Automotive property and changing the zoning on an adjoining residential property owned by Gloria Dittrich to allow for commercial use.

According to city planner Bob Christensen, these are the last pieces needed to bring all the property involved into the city and into the necessary zoning. “This completes the total package for the Kwik Trip south campus,” Christensen said. The city had previously approved site plans for a new Kwik Trip on the north side of the city on Hwy 13.

Scott Teigen vice president of real estate for Kwik Trip was at the meeting to show council members a modified site plan and to answer questions. Teigen said the site plan was modified from one that was presented at last week’s planning commission meeting to move a driveway entrance slightly to the west and include more plantings to screen the location from nearby property owners. He said the store will be very similar to a new store built in Wausau.

The planning commission will meet in May 26 to formally approve the site plan.

According to Teigen, the new location will be built and then when that is completed operations will move from the current story at Clark St. and Hwy 13. Teigen said the transition should be seamless with a Kwik Trip operating in Medford at all times.

Alderman Laura Holmes asked what will happen to the old store. Teigen said the company will pull out the pumps and remove the canopy and seek to sell the store. He said they would be picky about what type of business they would sell it to, for example they would not sell it to be used as a gas station or convenience store. He also ruled out selling it to an adult bookstore or other business he said would be a detraction to the city.

“Being in the heart of the town, we want to do something for the good of the community,” he said.

In other zoning action, aldermen approved changing the zoning of 735 South Gibson St. from agriculture to single family residential use. Christensen said the parcel has been overlooked when the adjoining areas were changed to residential in the past. He explained that the parcel is currently being cleared in preparation for the construction of a home on the site.

Alderman also approved a zoning change request for a parcel between Northwestern Mutual Financial offi ce and the Marshfield Clinic’s Medford Dental Center on Hwy 64. The request came from Mike Brandner and Property Preservation with the intention of developing it for commercial use. The property was previously zoned for residential use. Brandner said he would be working with the Department of Transportation to gain a dedicated driveway access to the lot, but noted there is an existing culvert and access point.

Christensen endorsed the zoning change noting that that city’s comprehensive plan called for the Hwy 64 corridor to be converted to commercial use over time.

Aldermen unanimously approved the zoning change.

In other business, aldermen:

_ Elected members to chair the standing subcommittees. Dave Brandner will chair the finance and personnel committee. Clem Johnson will chair the public safety committee. Laura Holmes will chair the public works committee. Dave Roiger will chair the public utilities committee.

_ Approved giving the poll workers, clerk and offi ce manager $25 Chamber of Commerce gift certificates in recognition for their efforts in the smooth running of the April general election. The total cost of $350 was taken out of the general fund supplies account. Alderman Greg Knight abstained from vote because he helped with election that day.