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Gilman Cheese CEO pledges company to be good stewards

Gilman Cheese CEO pledges company to be good stewards Gilman Cheese CEO pledges company to be good stewards

Introductions were in order at the regular Gilman Village Board meeting March 12, as Ron Weltmar, CEO of Gilman Cheese, wanted to meet the board. Weltmar took over for former owner Tom Hand in January, after coming from California, where Weltmar worked at a natural cheese producing company.

“I got the opportunity here,” he said.

Although he hasn’t been in the area long, Weltmar says he thinks Gilman is wonderful and that he plans to keep the company running smoothly – especially as he joked that he has three kids in college.

“I need a paycheck, so I’m going to keep everything going,” said Weltmar.

On the serious side, Weltmar says he understands and recognizes the impact Hand, his wife, Char, and Gilman Cheese has had on the community. Weltmar said Gilman Cheese is changing their mission to be more service oriented.

“We definitely want to not only continue it (community impact), but we want to improve on it,” said Weltmar. “We want to make sure we’re good stewards of the community and that we’re good stewards of the resources we’ve been given.”

“The village has always been happy to partner with our largest industry and I’m sure we’ll continue to feel that way,” said village president Jane DeStaercke.

During his police report, Gilman police chief Tom Tallier said his computer that he used to upload information to the state system, now that everything is all online, has failed. Tallier tried to install a required update, but the 2013 laptop couldn’t download what was needed.

Although the police budget had not included the purchase, as Tallier unaware needed a new laptop, members agreed a new computer was needed. A Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 can be obtained for $4,342 from Baycom, and Tallier says the department is eligible to apply for a 75/25 soft match grant.

“Meaning, you pay for installation of it…paper for the printer, things like that,” he said.

Members were also set for the new Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee overseeing the mobile home courts. Village board trustee Cheryl Rosemeyer and DeStaercke had volunteered to serve on the committee, as well as community members Patti Jenson and Fred Romig. To have an even voting on the committee, village trustee Mike Kinas agreed to act as the fifth member.

Village clerk Candice Grunseth notifi ed the board that the Western Taylor County Library’s grand opening is set for Saturday, April 18. The Library Board and Friends of the Library had requested to have Fourth Avenue closed for the day, which was approved by the village at last month’s meeting.

Grunseth also nailed down when the village’s clean-up day would take place. Normally, the clean-up takes place one week after the county’s appliance and electronic drop-off, so members set Gilman’s cleaning day as Saturday, May 9.

Grunseth and Tallier also said they have been in contact with the county and Emergency Management as to what may happen with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, and how it could impact the village.

“As we get information, I’ll pass it along,” said Grunseth.