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– Pastor’s Corner –

– Pastor’s Corner –

By Pastor Paul Messmer Holcombe United Methodist Church • Holcombe Hello, from the Holcombe United Methodist Church!

My name is Paul Messmer. I started at Holcombe, Jim Falls and Anson United Methodist churches as pastor, Aug. 1, of last year. My wife, Mary, and I, just moved here from Tomah.

I am looking forward to doing good things, meeting wonderful people, and being involved in the community and surrounding area.

Enough about me, how about you? Did we make a New Year’s resolution? After one month, how is it going, if going at all? Has it gotten lost somewhere between now and then?

We tend to let that happen to us, not just in a change of life’s habits to better ourselves, but also in our daily lives. If you are still going strong, keep up the good work! Pat yourself on the back and keep focused to accomplish your goal!

For the most part, though, we fall short of our ambitions and dreams. We do have good intentions. The thing is, we always have someone there to pick us up and tell us it’s OK to keep trying. Don’t become discouraged, because we fall short. Life likes to get in our way.

For instance, when we see friends at the store or passing by pumping gas, we say, “Hey, we should get together sometime.” How many times do we get together? Often, it doesn’t happen.


We let life control us, instead of us controlling our lives. Don’t let these things get us down, because we couldn’t meet our goal or missed an opportunity. We are a work in progress. Remember, life is not a sprint, but a marathon. We need to keep focus on where we want to end when it’s our time. Hold our head high, no matter what life throws at us and keep moving forward. Leave the past behind us, and keep pursuing and pushing forward.

Take a moment with friends. Continue working on our resolutions. Even if we fail one day, start again. It’s a new day!

Don’t become discouraged in any way. GOD encourages us all, and tells us every day is new and bright, and full of hope, grace and love. Keep our chin up!