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Rep. Edming votes to override governor’s veto of CNA bill

During Wednesday’s State Assembly floor session, Representative James Edming (R-Glen Flora) voted with his colleagues to override Governor Tony Evers’ veto of Assembly Bill (AB) 76. AB 76, which was introduced with bipartisan support, would have matched Wisconsin’s training requirement for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to the federal standard, as surrounding states require. Doing so would help to bring new people into this field, which is in high demand, especially in the 87th Assembly District.

“The rural areas of Wisconsin are hurting for more skilled nurses,” said Rep. Edming. “AB 76 would fill CNA positions throughout the state, without endangering the lives of patients or costing the taxpayers.”

AB76wouldhavematchedWisconsin’s CNA training requirements to federal requirements, just like surrounding states, without making any changes to competency exams or other tests which CNAs must undergo. Despite this, along with broad support from healthcare providers and long-term caregivers, all three Assembly Democrats, who initially supported the bill, changed their vote.

“Governor Evers vetoed the bill earlier this session saying that folks wouldn’t be receiving as great of care as they do now,” said Rep. Edming. “Even with the passage of this bill, all nurses are still required to pass the same final exam as they always have.”

When this bipartisan bill first passed the Assembly last year, it received 66 votes, enough to override the governor’s veto. The veto override vote was 63 – 36.

“I was disappointed at the outcome of today’s veto override vote. Three of my Democratic colleagues, who initially supported this bill, let the hardworking folks of Wisconsin down by changing their vote,” said Rep. Edming.